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Jan 01

Samelan video

You Tube Video of Kanitkar Kulsamelan 2011.


Jan 01


200+ Kanitkars around the world met in Pune on Dec 25th 2011. We have uploaded all pictures, videos online. If you need we can make DVD as well. You can also join our facebook group. Please do update your family info on so that we can complete Kulvruttant work.
Kulsamelan group and general photos are here.
Individual registration photos are here. We are still adding captions to each name.
We have complete video coverage on youtube, there are 4 parts.
You tube video links


Sep 20

Letter from Mrugesh

Letter from Mrugesh

I m very happy that we have starting to collect all Kanitkars under one roof called “KANITKAR SAMITEE”. And also the root u mentioned for gathering Kanitkars.


As u said we are collecting Kanitkar because most of us are leading in their field and rest of all needs guidance. On basis of above thought, I want to suggest u for a Noble Cause.

First I want to share about my life I lived when I was Student.

Actually Kanitkar is very famous in Baroda. Earlier it was considered that the second richest community is Kanitkar after the Baroda King Gaikwad. But I belong to middle class Kanitkar. My Grandfather was Farmer and than he lived a  AutoRickshawDriver. Now he is retired. My Father is also Auto rickshaw Driver. My mother was Housewife and during my student life she was Running MESS For college girls. Thus I studied in a critical poor economical condition.

At that time I also faced another problem  because of my surname KANITKAR. I could not have scholarship, because all over people mindset was Kanitkar is the Rich persons. Or if I would have scholarship than there were so many stages of checking that in real I need Scholarship.

Every time I faced the same situation. When i joined Diploma, I applied for the scholarship given by K.C. Mahindra Education Trust. It’s a Mahindra initiative to help the needy people in various forms. At that time they were giving scholarship to those who does diploma. They took my first interview and also there I was asked the same question – “You belongs to KANITKAR, why do u need Help?”

But I cleared the interview and received Scholarship. I received 15,00 Rs for three Years, i.e 5,000 Rs per year.

Then during first Year of my diploma, I went with my friend to Mahavir Foundation Trust. That trust helps the needy people in their Education.

The Mahavir Foundation Trust has link with C.R Kothari Charitable Trust.The C.R Kothari Charitable Trust also does the same work for Education, Medical and poor Widows.
We went to C.R Kothari to submit the form of mine friend for Mahavir Foundation.

I Met Mr. Sanjay Kothari who is the owner of Kothari Trust. He asked me about my Family background , my studies and my needs. He enforced me to apply for Scholarship through Kothari Trust. I applied and i was awarded 300 Rs- per month for Three Years. You will not believe Mahesh, at that time that 300 Rs- was very much for me. I became so happy when I sees 300 Rs in my hand.

Now time passed. I cleared Diploma. And I got placement in Mahindra. It was the second Happiest Moment in my life that I got chance to repay the amount I received from Mahindra as part of Scholarship, by serving the company.

At that Time I was having 7500/- Salary. When I came with my first salary. My Grandmother said me “ Mrugesh , Jeva Tula jarur hoti teva lokani tula Madad keli. Aata tujhi Faraj aahe ka tu tujhya sarkhya Mulanla Shikshan, Aaaushade sathi Madad kar”

“ Jindagi madhe faaraj pudheja pan paishe pahun kadhi swatache aadhi che divas visaru nako”

These sentences change my whole life…… I thought about the words whole night.

I finally decide to donate.
I wrote one “AABHAR PATRA” to C.R. Kothari Trust, that because of their help I am able to study and all above. And from that day I started to repay same amount 300 Rs/- per month to Trust.

By reading my letter, Mr Sanjay Kothari recommended me to their Head Office, to make the TRUST FAMILY MEMBER. And I became the First Young TRUST FAMILY MEMBER at the age of 19.

He also mentioned that he is running Trust from so many years ago, so many students studied, reached at top but no one repaid. I was the first who initiated.

Then he started to give scholarship with condition that after u earn money u must repay. Here is the another story of my life.

I had one contract worker Govind, whose mother was having Breast Cancer. Govind was migrate and came here for work. Once he came to me and asked for 5000 Rs.
I asked the reason for 5000, and he detailed me everything.
I decided him to help. I collected Money from my staff members. Got him to C.R. Kothari trust and with the help of Sanjay Sir and My plant head Mr. B. Krishnan and other colligue i hospitalized his mother.

At that time I was in second shift. I complete my shift at 1.00 a.m in night and  in the morning I with my Mom were used to go to Hospital to support Govind. After one weeks’s Treatment I got the Result and His mother’s pain released. All his operation and medicines expenses were coverd by Kothari Trust.

At that time I was so satisfied that as an Human Being as an Educated person I did something for Society. I m unable to explain the Happiness I felt when I heard his mother is saved.

Then Govind went to his native place with his mother and settled and he wrote on letter to me. That letter I am attaching to you.

Now for this work I received the MAHINDRA I STAR from HR. As I am Member of Kothari trust I helped 4 students to get scholarship, and motivated four people to donate to Trust.
This all I wrote because my Suggestion. Now suggestion is that…

As because of Grace of GOD, we have enough to live, to study for medicines. Can we initiate to collect the fund and help the poor needy people in Education and Medicine?
Think about this share to people if we as a KANITKARS doing this than the UDDESHYA FOR KANITKAR SAMITEE Will be more fulfilled. I Think this..
Mrugesh Kanitkar

Sep 13

Nivedan in news papers

Nivedan is Loksatta printed in 13 Sep, 2011.


Sep 09

Logo for Kanitkar Kulvruttant & Trust


[singlepic id=1 w=320 h=240 float=center]

We have launched Logo for Kanitkar Kulvruttant and TRUST. The Sword represents Bravery, pen (boru) represents authors, Panti (lamp) represents we have guided society (e.g. Late. Kashibai Kanitkar). The Banayan tree represents every growing family. In Bhagawat Gita Lord Krishna said “There is a banyan tree which has its roots upward and its branches down, and the Vedic hymns are its leaves. One who knows this tree is the knower of the Vedas.”.

Jul 03

Kulsamelan 2011 update

We are organizing Kanitkar Kulsamelan (get together) on Sunday 25th Dec 2011 in Pune. Please join us for the event. It will be Rs. 400/- for the event including lunch and snacks. Please send mail to to confirm your registration. Please contact us if you want to perform any art or showcase any product. You can contact us in person at Maharashtra Chitpavan Sangh, Tilak Road, Pune on every Sunday 3 pm to 5 pm.

We are going to print Kulsamelan Smarnika / SOUVENIR EVENT JOURNAL for Kulsamelan. The journal will have  articles,poems, business directory, Achievements (individual/ business). You are invited to send your material. We are also accepting advertisements from Kanitkars and well wishers.


Jun 02


We have started sending Kulvruttant forms to Kanitkars living in India. We are sending these forms by normal post. You are requested to fill in form below  to enter your postal address. Please also fill form for your relatives, so that we can send forms to them.Please contact Bhalchandra Kanitkar 91-9421935937 if you need any help, registration for Kulsamelan and donations.

To fill it out the form, visit:

Kanitkar is one of the many last names used by [Konkanastha Chitapavan] subcaste of Brahmins in India. Kanitkar, like most other Konkanastha Chitpavan Brahmins, originate in the Konkan strip located on the western seacoast of India – about 300-500 kilometers south of Mumbai. Kanitkars (other names: Satkar) were from original five towns and 23 descendant families, spread to 110 towns by 1988. Kanitkars belong to Kaushik Gotra, and consider Shri Vyadeshwar at Guhaghar, Maharashtra, India as their primary “family god” [Kul Daivat].

A large majority of Kanitkars still live in Pune, Maharashtra, India – with the rest in Mumbai, Vadodara and many other cities. Several Kanitkars have also migrated to foreign countries – United States, Australia and Singapore, to name a few.  You can also download pdf version of 1st and 2nd edition. To update your info, please register yourself at Kulvruttant Live

नमस्कार मंड्ळी, कानिटकर कुलवृतांत वेब आवृतिवर आपले स्वागत आहे.सध्या कुलवृतांत तीसरी आवृति बनवण्याचे काम सुरु करण्यात आले आहे. आपली माहिती देण्यासाठी, बदलण्यासाठी अथवा बघण्यासाठी कुलवृतांत वेब आवृतिवर लॉग इन करा. कुलवृतांत येथे आहे..

Dec 01

गजानन (बाळूकाका) कानिटकर

(11) गजानन (बाळूकाका) नारायण -जन्म दि. 18-8-1886, मृत्यू दि. 12-11-1959. मॅट्रिक 1902. नूतन मराठी विद्यालय. बी.ए. 1908 डेक्कन कॉलेज, पुणे श्री. आर.जे. पटवर्धन यांच्या सहकार्याने 1909 साली “अनाथ विद्यार्थी गृह, पुणे’ ची स्थापना. सन 1910-16 नू.म.वि. त शिक्षक. वर्ध्याचे परांजपेबुवा यांचे प्रथम सांप्रदायिक. घरी रामसेवा रामदासी मठ दोन वर्षे चालविला. मठ बंद झाल्यावर घरी अ.वि.गृहाची शाखा काढली. सन 1916 मध्ये या शाखेचे चिंचवड येथे स्थलांतर. सन 1920 पर्यंत चिंचवड येथे शाळेसाठी इमारतीचे बांधकाम. 1920 त शाळेला “स्वावलंबन राष्ट्रीय पाठशाळा’ हे नाव दिले. 1938 पर्यंत ही पाठशाळा चालली. सध्या शाळेच्या जागेवर “गंगाबाई आरोग्य मंदिर’ चालते. 1920-23 मुळशी सत्याग्रहात प्रचार व संघटनेचे कार्य. 1923 मध्ये मुळशी सत्याग्रहात कारावास. 1923-34 राष्ट्रीय सभेचे कार्य. “मद्यपान बंदी’ चळवळीत दुसरा कारावास. 1930 त पुण्यातील कायदेभंग मोहिमेचे पहिले सर्वाधिकारी. त्यात तिसरा कारावास. 1932 त चौथा कारावास. 1932 त मंदिरप्रवेशासंबंधी पाचवा कारावास. 1933 पासून महात्मा गांधीशी मतभेद. त्या वर्षीच्या पुढारी परिषदेत महात्मा गांधींना जाहीर विरोध. 1934 त मुंबई कॉंग्रेसमध्ये जोराचा उघड विरोध. त्या वर्षी कॉंग्रेस कार्यकारी मंडळावरील सर्व जागा सोडल्या. 1935 पासून देशसेवाश्रम, हिंदमाता मंदिर, हिंदमाता कॉंग्रेस या संस्थांमार्फत सर्वांगीण प्रचार व वस्त्रस्वावलंबनविषयक विधायक कार्य. “डेक्कन रिपब्लिक’ विषयक प्रचार. बाळूकाकांची ग्रंथनिर्मिती – (1) स्वावलंबन – साप्ताहिक, मासिक, वार्षिक (2) गांधी शिक्षणमाला – 13 भाग. (3) “दरिद्री नारायणाचे चरणी’ (4) राष्ट्रीय पद्यमाला (5) स्वावलंबी ग्रामसंघटना (6) हिंदमाता मंदिर (7) घंटानाद (निबंधसंग्रह) (8) मराठ्यांच्या मुलखात (कादंबरी) (9) सेनापती बापटांचे चरित्र.(10) श्रीखंडपुरीचे जेवण (11) अनेक पत्रके व पुस्तके. सेनापती बापटकृत “गावगीते’चे प्रकाशन. ग्रामसंघटना “एक गाव-एक कुटुंब’ या तत्त्वावर व्हावी असे ठाम मत व त्यासाठी 1936-40 शेतकऱ्यांच्या पाच छावण्या भरविल्या, त्यांत चिंचवड येथील सर्वात मोठी होती. “सेवक सेवानंद’ या नावाने बाळूकाका प्रसिद्ध होते..

Nov 17

Kulvruttant project overview


Kulvruttant project overview and ppt is available for download. Click here for download.

Please also see current status here.


Nov 17

Yeshwant Gajanan Kanitkar


Yeshwant Gajanan Kanitkar (Palshet Adoor, Gharane 5) – 1934-1990.  M. Sc.(Math, Statistics), Moved to England (1968) and then to the United States (1970.)  Author of several Marathi books including Paschim Waare (on the observations of a newly arrived immigrant to America in the 1970's), Kaale Diwas (on Indira Gandhi and the 1975 emergency and its aftermath) and Yeil To Din Maaza (a semi-autobiographical work on his own kidney failure, dialysis and kidney transplant and related events).

He founded Maharashtra Foundation (MF), a US-based charitable organization, with help from four friends in Rochester, New York.  MF helps worthy causes in the fields of healthcare, education, welfare and development in India, especially those in Maharashtra, and has sent millions of dollars of donations to over 100 NGOs since then.


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